San Mateo Rhinoplasty

Picking the Right Plastic Surgeon in San Mateo, California

It is only through selecting the right surgeon that you can have satisfactory care and results. Rhinoplasty, for instance, is one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures hence it is important that you choose a surgeon that has genuine rhinoplasty expertise, substantial rhinoplasty experience, as well as whose past patients have repeatedly enjoyed favorable results. In addition, good surgeons need to be effective communicators, good listeners, and compassionate caregivers. Many surgeons meet such criteria, however, there are more that don’t. For this reason, it is important to do a careful and conscientious research. If looking for a Folsom rhinoplasty, you need to understand that a rhinoplasty happens to be an elective, non-emergent process hence you must investigate the surgeon’s qualifications and credentials unless you want to gamble with your face.

What to Consider when Choosing a Surgeon in San Mateo, California

Background Check
This involves an investigation of a surgeon’s academic qualifications and credentials. Always make sure that the surgeon has relevant training. Things to help you know this include a valid medical licence. An active as well as unrestricted medical licence indemnifies that the surgeon’s minimum academic training has been confirmed by the state medical board. Through this board, you can access information involving any disciplinary actions taken against the surgeon for non-compliance, Certification by ABMS or an equivalent body signifies that the surgeon has successively completed ACGME accredited residency program as well as a comprehensive oral & written exam that is specific to a certain medical specialty. Surgeons have their qualification and credentials’ information available by way of CVs.

A word of mouth recommendation from a family member or a trusted friend is a reassuring indicator. First-hand accounts for favorable results, favorable bedside manner, sensitivity to patient concerns as well as proper follow-up care happens to be reassuring. Internet endorsements are another source for word-of-mouth recommendation information. They promote patient awareness, uncovering incompetent practitioners as well as creating some virtual support network for patients. However, the internet can be show misguiding information considering its anonymous nature and the regulation issue.

Surgical Portfolio
Reviewing a surgeon’s surgical portfolio of prior & after photographs is one effective way of knowing his/her skill and ability. A more serious maxillofacial surgeon, for instance, will take pride in his/her photography as well as standardize the photographic lighting, background, and position to create a more accurate comparison. A more accurate cosmetic outcome assessment is given by several views of a face but not just views of the profile. If you view patients that have nose deformities similar to yours then it would be a more effective means to assess a surgeon’s capability to correct your problem. Choose a surgeon who has successfully corrected similar problems for a number of patients repeatedly.

Quality of Consultation
The idea behind a medical consultation is to accurately identify the issue, create an effective plan for treatment, and convey important information about alternatives, anticipated outcomes as well as risks. A surgeon should create sufficient time to carefully examine and listen to the patient, as well as explain clearly what the patient must know. He/she should find ways to make you envision the cosmetic goals easily. Examining photos should be included in the consultation as well. The way the physician presents him or herself during consultation should help you decide whether stick with him or move to the next on your list.