Causes of Snoring and The Inconvenient Truth

Choosing plastic surgery in Folsom California should be done carefully.

Without boring you with continuous rambling about scripted testimonials, you’re here because you want some work done to the Ol’ Snoz.


No shame to you! One of the reasons could be seeking a solution to snoring. But how do you know you’re snoring?



Waking up tired.




You, or your loved one wakes from a restful and recovering state of mind…literally.  This, my friend, is as my PappyWilliamJr says, “es no bueno.”

He says that as a way to underscore the urgency of the situation while still clinging to roots.         It means “not good” to him.

First cause of fright is the GIGANTIC health risks associated with lack of sleep.  It’s analogous to never sleeping and dying slowly like your Roomba.  So…time to be blunt:



Are you fat?  Don’t let the truth hurt you to the point of reconstructing your face with a procedure that brings excellent levels of risks.  And costs.  I once had a dentist recommend treatment for 6 cavities in my 6 year old son’s mouth.


The second opinion could not find one.


He’s 9 now with an excellent track record of crappy eating but no pain. No cavities.


If you’re looking for a snore-treatment, use the RISK FREE method of eating organic vegetables, healthy proteins (not from feed lots) while cutting out breads, pasta and sugar for 60 days THEN see if there is ALERT AWAKE in the morning or status quo.


Remember the risks.



Deep down you know it but…there is still the snoring or whatever-else that compels you to

move forward in furthering your research.

No one has the right to tell you how and what you can do to your body so ..there…screw

their opinions.

Now where do you start? Rhino-plasty is merely the fixing of rhino’s. You want a nose-job.

Call it what It is.

READ any and EVERYTHING you can on the subject.  After all: it’s your face.

Conduct an experiment for 30 days:   No mirrors…maybe only to check for boog’s and food in

the teeth.  But consider everything ABOVE the Twin Caves a propetual Area-51 zone.

See if the mindset changes or if you still feel the same. Consider it, a control to

eliminate for Spytamyfaceae Syndrome…or bias or whatev.

“Rest assured though…there comes a time when you embrace the face and smile but then stop

because your face hurts from the dry…I mean, can’t a sista get some lotion over here?!.”
Mother Teresa…Air Conditioning’s #1 Fan